Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Enbridge Pipeline and the First Nations in B.C. IN CANADA Essay

The Enbridge Pipeline and the First Nations in B.C. IN CANADA - Essay Example In light of the risk factor involved in the construction, oil spills affect the means of livelihood for all those that live in proximity to the pipeline. This regards the jobs they partake, the homes they live in, the food they catch and the health and wellbeing of the said population and their loved ones. The above concern particularly affects the state of British Colombia which specializes in affected industries by the construction of the pipeline. Such industries include agriculture, fishing, hunting, trapping accommodation and food services, as well as fisheries and tourism. Should the proposed pipeline project go through, those working in the state of BC face a crisis in the form of revenue generation and earning a livelihood. Thus, all this is in spite of the promise to local communities that are affected benefiting from a promise of 560 jobs in the process of laying the required infrastructure. The said promise raises another concern that puts it against the Enbridge project. This is the issue of economics; where it promises 560 jobs, and in turn ruins over 45000 jobs provided by the west coast seafood and ocean recreation industries (Owens, 2012). This merely shows the selfish interests of Enbridge as a company by seeking to make a few more dollars for a barrel of crude oil in the expense of the local residents of British Colombia and Alberta. Furthermore, to aggravate the situation is the record borne by Enbridge as a company running its own pipelines and the little concern it shows for the environment. This is in regard to safety measure taken to avert leaks and spills in their other pipelines aside from the proposed project for the Northern Gateway Pipeline. The issue arises from the poor record that the corporation holds in terms of handling and maintaining its pipelines such as the one in Michigan. Owing to the Michigan case that resulted in the pollution and closure of a 35

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