Friday, October 18, 2019

Emergancy Operations plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Emergancy Operations plan - Essay Example Most of these provisions often obtain emergency assistance from the local or remote Balancing Authorizes. On the other hand, the Transmission Operator is expected to have an emergency load reduction plan locating all the identified IROLs (Storm, 2001). These Transmission Operator’s plans should include implementations that allow reduction load plans in sufficient time and amount thereby allowing IROL mitigation before collapse or separation of system. A well-articulated emergency operation should ensure that the load reduction plan must be implemented within 30 minutes. It is the responsibility of the Transmission Operator and Balancing Authority to ensure that the emergency operating plans are sufficient to mitigate emerging hazards or emergencies. Therefore, a standard, emergency operating plan must ensure that there is effective communication protocol during emergency mitigations. Additionally, the must ensure that are load reduction quantities to control the action and res olve emergencies with the established NERC timelines. Any emergency operating plan must be reviewed and evaluated after at least three operational years to ensure that the plans is applicable with development of the affected area or region (Joint Commission Resources, Inc., 2004). ... These elements will provide the guideline to what safe operation mitigation measures to follow. The county of San Mateo’s Emergency Plan The County of San Mateo has a well-structured and elaborate emergency operating plan that meets the federal government’s requirements. This plans aim at mitigating or managing any disaster that might occur in the county (Storm, 2001). The County of San Mateo’s local mitigation plan incorporates both the local and regional components. In its emergency operation plan, the County of San Mateo has identified most of its assets that are at risk and they include local roads, schools, water and sewer lines, hospitals, and public facilities (Webster, 2012). In compliance with the disaster planning requirements, the County Of San Mateo local hazard mitigation plan has defined the county’s general disaster mitigation plan in the form of an appendix (Joint Commission Resources, Inc., 2004). Additionally, the County of San Mateo emer gency mitigating general plan allows periodic evaluation; however, the last update proposed to retain its original organizational structure and plan. The County of San Mateo is liable to numerous natural resources including dam failure inundations, tsunamis, wild land fires, earthquakes, floods, and liquefaction. Therefore, the safety of the residents of this county requires a well-articulated disaster management plan or readiness. Relief from disasters is of much greater results than preparing for the disaster itself (Storm, 2001). Notably, the County of San Mateo has well-planned emergency operation plan since the plan is readily identifying the high priority

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