Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Perspective on Conflict, Conflict Interests and Goals, and Coursework

Perspective on Conflict, Conflict Interests and Goals, and Interpersonal Negotiation - Coursework Example Parties enter into conflicts because their objectives are not being met and they want to achieve their goals in all cases. Entering into conflicts is in the interest of no party. It only tends to weaken the integrity of the organization because the overall morale declines. Conflicts should be resolved as soon as possible either at personal level or through the use of mediation strategies. If conflicts remain unresolved, this affects the productivity and job dissatisfaction continues to increase which is harmful for everybody in the long run. It is very crucial that interpersonal negotiation is conducted among the conflicting parties so that they are brought together on a communicative platform where they can work out a solution that acceptable to all parties involved. Interpersonal negotiation requires the mediator to have such skills with which he is able to bring all parties together at equal level so that they can discuss their problems with each other and work toward resolving the

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