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Shakespeare othello Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Shakespeare othello - Essay Example He is a manipulator and vicious and desires for the demise of Othello by evoking jealousy in his mind against his wife Desdemona. Othello is a gentleman while Lago is a vicious character who succeeds in destroying the life of Othello and his wife through his malicious nature. Analysis of relationship of Othello with Lago The Othello is the hero of the play and Lago is villain and thus both share a contradicting relationship with each other. The relationship of both is of conflicting nature. The conflict is between two characters who had been warmest friends in the nearest time. Othello being the General and Lago being the trusted officer shared a lovable relationship with one another until the latter desires for promotion in his career and wanted to ruin Othello’s life completely.Until the conflict both were looked upon as individual with excellent ability and amicable character. Othello was known as the â€Å"noble moor† and Lago was his confident with honest character . The change in the attitude of Lago was sudden one and he immediately turned into a selfish man and mortal enemy of Othello. Lago treats Othello as a rival and wants promotion and take over the higher status in military. Othello has a â€Å"free and open mind† and this is utilized by Lago by conveying treacherous story of Desdemona to Othello. Yet Othello says that â€Å"She had eyes and Chose me â€Å".The rivalry rages between Lago and Othello, when the former hears that Cassius the friend of Desdemona had been promoted to lieutenant status which leaves him behind in professional hierarchy. Lago relationship with Othello turns bitter when he realizes that Othello has preferred Cassius for lieutenant role over him. He believes that Othello has disregarded rules of military and friendship, hence is only worth to be his enemy. The Othello had immense trust on Lago and was unaware of the bitterness growing in his mind against him. However, Lago’s start to saw seeds of hatred in the mind of Othello against Desdemona his beloved wife. The relationship verification of Othello and Lagos represents good versus bad. From the beginning of the play Lago is evil to Othello and as the play moves further he reveals his true colors. In the play, the character and intention of Lago remains same evil and Othello remains a puppet in his hand. Primary motive of Othello In the beginning of the play â€Å"Othello†, the central character Othello does not have any unjust motive. However as Lagos poisons his mind, he wishes to kill his wife due to the honor and pride he carried with his personality. He is definitely not much jealous as he is dishonored while hearing the disloyalty carried out by his beloved wife. The motive of honor encouraged him to kill his wife as he cried and enraged as an honored husband. Othello is a black man and he is being considered outcast by his wife’s father who was white .But Othello loved Desdemona deeply and the sexual jealousy brought forward by Lago hurts his ego, love and honor provokes him to kill Cassius and Desdemona. Primary motive of Lago The character Lago from the beginning of the play till the end is evil . He is a person who disregards moral beauty, ethics or nobleness. His primary motive is treacherous and wants to destroy Othello in every way. His eyes are on promotion and destruction of Othello’s. professional as well as personal life. He is wicked and is expert in performing acts

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