Sunday, August 25, 2019

Improvement in advertising, enhances consumer culture of society Essay

Improvement in advertising, enhances consumer culture of society - Essay Example One such advert is the ‘Impossible Field’ by Adidas that featured English football icon in striking David Beckham as well as other Adidas top list players, playing football on a steel girders field. They play against the odds of darkness and height, showing the balanced properties entrenched in the Adidas Predator soccer boots that were newly released in the market. It becomes apparent that the girders refer to a football field’s raised lines. One by one red dressed players courtesy of the athletic capacity and superior ball skills of the Adidas team are knocked off the girders. Eventually the ball is kicked with a high force into the goal that the goalie gets knocked back into his net (Maryon, 1). The entire goal falls back into what can be described well as nothingness, hence the tagline of â€Å"Impossible is Nothing†. It leaves a lot of imagination as to the influence this had on the marketability and consumption of the Adidas products. The best possibl e results expected and realized in the strongest business terms possible. At this point, it can be appreciated that of all the weapons of marketing, advertising affects most the minds of the viewers because its exposure is considered much more. This is better understood by defining advertising as a way of communicating for convincing an audience to take purchase decision concerning a product or service as well as delivering information to viewers. In a study that examined effective advertising and the related influence on the buying behavior of consumers, there was found a moderate relationship amid independent variables (emotional response and environmental response) and dependent variable (consumer buying behavior). This finding indicated that consumers purchase brands according to their emotional attachment (Niazi, Javaria and Shah, 114). In essence television advert combines audio, visual and text form that appeals to a consumer. This demonstrates the power that advertising hold s especially concerning the decision of consumers to purchase a product or service. It can therefore, be argued that advertising greatly influences the marketability of a product or service in this dispensation of diverse products, superior quality and high innovativeness across various industries. Consistent with the findings above a study focusing on advertising and its connection with consumer behavior with special reference to nestle limited highlights the power of advertising and consumer. From the outset marketing offers a key to gain real access just to those brands that match best to the present environment i.e. â€Å"imperative† that can be delivered the people’s needs and they are eagerly waiting to make a purchase at the appropriate time without any dilly dallying (Kumar, Gangal and Singh, 112). It was found that consumers are greatly influenced via advertising in their preference as concerns the brand. This preference is mainly due to the brand’s ric h quality and attractive advertising policy. In that regard TV advertisements of the brand influence the consumers’ buying most. The brand’s language and creative presentation of TV advertisements are successful to convey Emotion, Message, Value system concerning the product (Ayanwale, Alimi and Ayanbimipe, 9). In a nutshell advertisement has an effect on the consumers’ buying behavior. Thus, companies benefit from advertisement campaigns not only in terms of retaining their

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