Monday, August 26, 2019

Sustainability Policy & Procedure Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sustainability Policy & Procedure - Assignment Example ning’ process—from Logistics to Marketing and Sales (Fuji Xerox Company, 2010) —it is essential to get the full cooperation and support of every department in order to meet the expectations of greening for the company’s better image in the light of intended audience. 1.2. Scope. (Here must be stated when and to whom the process or procedure applies; also, who is affected, which areas, which activities, and what are the limits/parameters.) Starting with a launch period and being followed by follow-through or sustaining period, ‘Be Greener Campaign,’ in this regard, will also utilize various communication tools to bolster the impact of the campaign among its intended audience; therefore, to summarize the promotional initiatives for this program, this campaign within Fuji Xerox departments will be running for three months, from 30.12.12 to 30.02.13. 1.3. Roles. (Role and functions of anyone involved in the process/procedure.) It must put an emphasis on different functions and roles of these two stages of the ‘greening’ initiative involved in the process. Initially, Launch period is to introduce the Campaign to internal and external stakeholders – during the first month of the project, awareness of going green among all Fuji Xerox companies will be increasing with an assistance of national conventions; later on, in so called Sustaining period, from 30.12.12 to 30.02.13, dissemination of various communication medias will occur, as well as launch of mini programs for the further awareness and excitement increasing - among employees, stakeholders, and business partners of Fuji Xerox. 1.4. Definitions/Acronyms. (Here are definitions and acronyms that need to be defined in order to ensure proper interpretation of the process/procedure.) ‘Be Greener Campaign’ could be treated as a set of strategic initiatives concerning predominantly the efforts of ‘greening’ within the whole production cycle of Fuji Xerox. Consequently, it contains two

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