Friday, August 30, 2019

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Essay

The AAPT also known as the American of Pharmacy Technicians was founded in 1979. The AAPT is an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to improve the delivery of pharmaceutical services, which includes exchange, development, and dissemination of information. All educational requirements are essential for all pharmacy technicians, due to the exparsions of pharmacy technology. It is important that the value of education continues so the AAPT recognized the importance so they established a continuing education service. â€Å"AAPT CES is the official provider of CE credits for pharmacy technicians. (American Association of Pharmacy Technicians 2009) The contribution that the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians is the continuing education to increase my professional knowledge and abilities. It is required by my state that I have ten CE credits to keep my state certification and I have to have twenty to keep my international certification for me to be able to practice as a pharmacy technician. Continuing these courses it helps me to keep up on the new medications, latest technology, pharmacy laws and policies, and leadership abilities. It is proven that the information that is retained from the continuing education is very important in the operation of pharmacy. Another reason that it is important to continue education because of the constant changes in medication and pharmacy laws. It is believed that the information retained from the CE program can be considered a safety mechanism for everyone such as patients and health care providers is vital for the proper dispense of the medications without doing any harm to the patients, but also giving the best possible way to get and take the medication. In conclusion, for one to obtain professional knowledge and abilities one must go forth in the necessary education courses to be able to obtain what one is looking for. The AAPT is the right place to obtain that knowledge and abilities. Without that additional education then the one person would not be able to obtain the knowledge and abilities that they are seeking for their professional job.

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