Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Response to The Lottery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Response to The Lottery - Essay Example Many in the story could not remember the exact detail of the ritual. A similar traditional ritual today is prayer only for sickened individuals. Several times a year, reports of children dying of treatable diseases because their parents believed in prayer alone can be read in the newspaper. This is a traditional ritual that needs to be dropped, with the exception of a consenting adult. For example, a woman was in a car crash, with a massive amount of blood loss. Since she was a Jehovah Witness, she refused a blood transfusion. As a result, she died. That was her right as an American. On the other hand, children need treatment because they are not old enough to consent. Another traditional ritual that needs to be rethought is the running of the bulls in Spain. The bulls can be hurt. People are gored and even killed. The tradition has become antiquated. Men and women no longer need to prove their courage in this fashion. Tradition is the only reason this even still occurs, because it could not be rationality. Another traditional ritual that needs dropped is a woman automatically taking a man’s last name upon marriage. Women are allowed in today’s society to keep their own name, but are normally looked down upon for not taking their husband’s last name. Women that keep their own last names do not love their husbands, are too independent, or even considered witches. The tradition started centuries ago, when women were considered a man’s property. Women should be free to choose whether or not to take their husband’s last name. The reason to change the above tradition rituals vary. The reason to ban prayer alone healing is in order to save life. Believing in God is a good thing, as is prayer, but God gave humans brains to think with. An answer to prayer could be a medication created by a God created scientist. God does not always answer prayers the way humans want. It could be instead of instantly making a person whole,

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