Monday, September 16, 2019

Affirmative Action Policy: Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Essay

Question 1: Is the affirmative action policy morally defensible? Explain. Yes affirmative action is morally defensible in that: South Africa has been characterised by many years of workplace inequities and imbalances of the past particularly blacks who were treated in an inhumane manner and denigration. In 1994 the new democratic government came into power and had a moral duty to eliminate all forms of discrimination and thereafter level the playing field at the workplace, hence the affirmative action policy was introduced and legislated. Since blacks were marginalised certain jobs and skills were reserved for white minority in some sectors of the economy thereby robbing our economy of its potential and productivity. Whereas the introduction of the affirmative action policy uncovered skills and untapped talent, created more jobs in responsible positions and thereby allowing our economy to grow stronger and compete in the global markets. The harsh realities of the past regime created divisions between black and white communities and promulgation of this policy assisted in closing that gap and normalise the conditions at the workplace. Therefore the policy allowed companies and government to utilise all people to the maximum potential and created improved relations and communication between organised labour and management. QUESTION 2: In your opinion, which country has successfully implemented the policy of affirmative action and why did it succeed? America QUESTION 3: In your view, why did South African government choose to implement Affirmative Action policy and Act, and was it ever justifiable? Certainly the policy of Affirmative Action is justifiable in that: Central to the democratic government was the economic challenges and expectations of the black majority who voted them into power. Therefore, the government was obliged to strive for macro-economic balance that supports sustainable growth and development to ensure that the benefits are shared by all concerned. Consequently, the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 was promulgated in terms of which the Affirmative Action Policy was implemented and its main aim to correct and balance the inequities of the past. Furthermore the policy had to promote equal opportunities and redress entrenched inequalities that affected blacks, women and children at the workplace. Therefore the policy is justifiable based on moral, legal and socio-economic issues. QUESTION 4: Does the policy need to be discontinued after a certain length of time and why? Yes in that: The main objective of the policy is to create opportunities and level the playing field where everyone can compete and once this is achieved the policy has to stop. Moreover the policy is not a punishment for the wrongs of the past so it makes sense to discontinue it some years to come moral responsibility is achieved.

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