Friday, September 27, 2019

Malcolm X Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Malcolm X - Essay Example Furthermore, his highlighting on the black community having self help and self-respect gives life to his scrutiny in human rights. He depicts African American culture with vibrancy and criticizes unacceptable behavior from his point of view of Muslim faith. The book ‘Autobiography of Malcolm X’ conceptualizes a transformation from lack of knowledge and misery to awareness and religious initiation (Haley). In his comment that, people never realize how a persons’ life can be altered just by a book he tells Harley the prime belief underpinning each effort to put down an autobiography as an exemplar for others. Malcolm’s views and ethics in the fight for civil rights of the 60’s were entirely different from Martin Luther King Jr., but both of them were in some way similar as in the case of loving the almighty and loving your self are virtues prime and primary steps towards achieving independence, sovereignty and power. This can be seen when Malcolm says that: He might have portrayed nearly all non-Christian aversion for loving his adversaries, but he and Martin Luther tacitly understood the success to freedom. In his Harlem life encounter, he realized that the black community should be more vibrant in helping themselves in an attempt to improve their oppressing situation. This in its sense applies to everyday life and should be embraced if one wants to improve a situation. He was the pioneer behind establishing over hundred mosques in the better part of the United States territory. As chief representative for Elijah Muhammad, saw the Nation of Islam rise to being a spiritual and religious organization in the 1960’s, hence expanding its reach. Malcolm and Elijah Muhammad agree that a polite reaction to isolation and separation is not Integration but cultural division. Malcolm mostly wanted racial justice to be upheld in America. In the event that

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