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Michelangelo Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Michelangelo - Research Paper Example helangelo was born in 1475 to a middle class family, in Italy, where he became a trainee to a painter before pursuing his studies in sculpture gardens. His father was working as a magistrate in the small village of Caprese. His family moved to Florence where his mother got ill while he was an infant. He was placed under the care of a stone cutting family where his passion for art developed. Michelangelo was a committed student and admired the works of Dante (Hayun, 210). Michelangelo is renowned for his works, which include Pieta and David statutes and the Rome’s Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings. While still young, his father realized that he had little interest in the family’s financial businesses, and he agreed to put him under the training of the trendy Florentine painter’s workshop. This was after he developed an interest in watching the painters at the near churches, and drawing what he observed while in school. While still at school, Michelangelo was introd uced by his grammar school friend to Domenico Ghirlandaio, a painter (Hayun, 211). Later, while under training at the workshop, an unexpected opportunity begot Michelangelo. Ghirlandaio recommended him to attend Medici Gardens, in the palace of Florentine king Lorenzo, to study sculpture. This provided Michelangelo with a platform to have access to the social elites of Florence. In addition, this gave him a leeway to be taught by the respected and renowned sculptor Bertoldo di Giovanni and other well-known scholars, poets and taught fellers (Lerner, 426). He also obtained significant authorization from the Catholic Church to examine cadavers for a deeper understanding of the human anatomy. However, this exposure to dead bodies had a significant effect on his health. With these mixtures of influences, groundwork for Michelangelo’s distinctive style was developed. His style was widely regarded as with a muscular exactitude and authenticity Mish mashed with an almost lyrical magnificence (Lerner,

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