Friday, September 13, 2019

Dnata travel report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Dnata travel report - Essay Example The insurance cover is one of the important tools in any business operation and is an indicator of concern regarding those who come in and out of the travel agency. Further, it involves activities such as transportation and cruise services, and involvement in sporting events. Finally, the services are for enhancing relations of numerous people coming in and out of the booking offices as well as hotels and field. Mission of Dnata Travel Agency Mission refers to the major activities that an established firm undertakes. The major operations of the Dnata traveling agency include offering holiday packages. This usiful as most of the travelers look forward to inquiring a place they can spend their holiday with their families. Dnata management staffs play the role of insuring the traveling agency runs on well with an increase in profits. Insurance covers are not only for an organization but also for those who visit the agency (Schwab et al, 2008). Insurance covers all staff members are nece ssary. Insuring of the agency denotes that there is compensation to all individuals (whether the staffs or travelers) in case of occurrence of the insured risk. This in itself is a way of attracting more travelers into the premises, as there is an assurance of consideration of their lives. Objective and vision of Dnata traveling agency Vision refers to what a particular organization or adpersons desires to do in future. It means a call for ability of individuals to advance the services initially offered, in a manner that the services will be more satisfying. Comparing with diverse changes in technology, services offered should be of high-tech and better when compared to services of other competing organizations. Dnata traveling agency looks forward to the establishment of and necessitating travelers to get use of online booking of tickets. Managerial staff of Dnata also moves ahead to improve accommodation services. In setting objectives, it is of essence to consider the questions w hat services to offer, who to offer the services, and who to access the services (Schwab et al, 2008). Pre-approach Before having access to the services provided by Dnata travel agency, individuals have to either register online or directly with the relevant offices. However, individuals may deliberately appear in person and inquire for relevant tickets to the agency. There are business meetings held to collect information about a certain subject discussed. Discussions are between travelers and top managerial agency staffs. The primary reason for the meeting is to determine the quality of services offered and strategies to improve the services (Schwab et al, 2008). Approach prospecting Potential customers of any organization are the individuals outside the organization who are ready to access the services and products provided in specific organizations. Dnata is the leading travel agency in the Middle East, specifically in Thailand and in amongst other worldly agencies, it appears t o be the fourth largest. To be part of the travelers is an indicator of ecstasy especially for those coming from far countries to take refuge on the agency. Through insurance services, the managing staffs of Dnata include several things such as compensation in case of cancellation of flights (Schwab et al, 2008). There is a follow up of departure, especially where the agency staffs fail to spot tickets of some several individuals. Dnata travel

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