Thursday, September 26, 2019

Issues currently occurring in the hospitality industry Article

Issues currently occurring in the hospitality industry - Article Example The author discusses the different approaches of research and their implications in organizational science and provides guidelines as to the ways of improving the credibility and value of research. The second article discusses the importance of competence in frontline management and the different methods of assessing the level of competence among students and managers with respect to frontline management in hospitality sector. The major issues faced by the global hospital industry are the changing demographics of the world which are impacting the trends within the travel industry. The emerging markets across the world, the shortage of labour and skills, innovations in technology, availability of capital, restrictions imposed in the travel industry, the increasing costs of constructions, balancing the expenses with the immediate need of increasing the rates and distribution revolution are the major factors affecting the global hospitality industry. Article 1: The importance of research tools and methods are critical in deciding the success of the hospitality industry, especially in the light of the changing global scenario. The various factors affecting the major changes in the trends of the hospitality industry can be effectively analysed through the use of different research tools and an increased level of collaboration between the research of academicians and practitioners (Dougherty and Westley, 2001). The author indicates that the proper use of research can create value for the hospitality industry. An approach of research through the practitioners is especially critical as the practitioners have a first-hand experience and can strongly indicate the customer satisfaction factors. Using a careful balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of a research work is necessary to create value for the research. The practitioners can contribute to the practical approaches to

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